Hi! Thanks for visiting my site here! My name is Kei


He spends most of the time working in the office, and weekend is usually on family quality time! At the same time most Saturdays he would attend events from fashion showcase, art exhibitions to photography events!

He started Photography since around First Quarter of 2018, with only a compact camera Canon Powershot G1 X Mark II, it was a simple, ON & Shoot Camera, Super Easy to Use! He wanted more, so he went further on his passion with photography as a few months actually goes by rather quickly!


The main focus and passion on why he's moving forward this passion of photography is because!

- We humans are usually looking at our flaw, but why not look on the brighter and positive side, each and every one of us have our perfect angle and beauty, we just have to explore not others but ourselves! Kei likes to provide positive vibes and to allow every individual Model to know that they actually look good! Sometimes you think you look bad, but truth is you are not!

- It allows him to capture every moments that actually counts, sometimes our eyes can't catch up with the movements fast enough or we would just lose it without even catching a glimpse of it!

- Natural Photos are provided from simple edits, as he avoids using filter/over-edit as it will look so unrealistic, however depending on individual themes and projects!

DM me for rates:

+ Fashion, Beauty, Casual, Bridal Photography

+ Cosplay Photography

+ Small to Medium Sized Product Photography

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